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Pujamulam Gurupadam

His Lotus Feet I will Worship

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1 Pujamulam Gurupadam Gujarati 169
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Worship is not confined to physical activities or repetition of words. It is an unfolding of the heart, a prayerful effort to imbibe the magnificent qualities of the One whose Lotus Feet are worshipped.

Pujya Gurudevshri has provided inspiration to embark on the supreme path of devotion by depicting the entire journey and its various stages through four pravachans in this elevating book. ‘Attaining Truth from the Enlightened’ elucidates that Truth is simple and easy to understand, but it is in the presence of the Guru that the hindrances in attaining it can be overcome. ‘Love the Enlightened One’ depicts how the seeker’s inner escapade begins with a small capital of love, which is impure too. It is through the guidance of the Guru that the aspirant eliminates his expectations and false beliefs, transforming his tainted love into pure devotion. ‘Surrendership – the Key to Dissolving the Ego’ explains how the disciple realises the folly of the ego and exhibits a willingness to surrender it at the Lotus Feet of the Guru. ‘Divine Yearning’ illustrates that while the devotee experiences the profundity of love, he also goes through fervent yearning to become one with the Supreme, culminating in the experience of the ecstasy of the Soul.

Gurupurnima is an invaluable occasion for the aspirant to bring about a transformation by worshipping the Divine Feet of the Guru, absorbing His Divine Countenance and imbibing His nectar-like words. 

Two books eulogising the virtues of the Guru have been launched on this auspicious occasion – ‘Mokshmulam Gurukrupa’ in 2011 and ‘Mantramulam Guruvakyam’ in 2012.

Continuing this tradition is ‘Pujamulam Gurupadam’.

Available in English, Gujarati and Hindi, this series is sure to strengthen one’s devotion towards the Guru.

Come, revel in the grace of the Guru.


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