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The Path Enlightened

Size 5" x 7.75" (Hard Bound)
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1 Vitragano Dharma Gujarati 173
2 Vitrag Dharma Hindi 193

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1 The Path Enlightened English 179
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Encompassing a wealth of wisdom that enables a seeker to journey from the first step of spirituality unto enlightenment, 'The Path Enlightened' is a must read for anyone in search of Truth.

The chapter, ‘Peaceful and Blissful Dharma’, describes how the desire to experience Pure Consciousness is ignited. ‘Dharma through Introspection’ urges the seeker to neither indulge in nor deny his desires. It illustrates how paying close attention to his emotions will enhance the spiritual practice. Adopting dharma as a way of life, it becomes ‘My dharma’ as the aspirant strives to maintain greater awareness in all circumstances. Finally, as remembrance of the soul and alertness increase, ‘True Dharma’ depicts how he is able to practise religion in its purest form and vanquish ignorance forever.

The Path Enlightened, a compilation of 4 pravachans by Pujya Gurudevshri, is a spiritual bible for seekers of all ages and stages in the divine quest.

The book is available in English, Gujarati and Hindi.


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