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Invitation to the Infinite

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1 Invitation to the Infinite English 206 MRP:  Rs.250/-
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2 Antarmukhtanu Amantran Gujarati 188 MRP:  Rs.250/-
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3 Antarmukhta ka Nimantran Hindi 204 MRP:  Rs.250/-
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1 Antarmukhtanu Amantran Gujarati 188
2 Antarmukhta ka Nimantran Hindi 204

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1 Invitation to the Infinite English 206
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To master the art of turning inward and remaining centred in the bliss of the Self is the aim of every seeker. By imparting invaluable wisdom and inspiration, the benevolent Sadguru guides the aspirant on this hallowed path.

‘Invitation to the Infinite’, a compilation of four enlightening discourses by Pujya Gurudevshri is an in-depth exposition of this spiritual journey.

Through the first chapter, ‘Samayik - The Art of Turning Within’, one understands the true significance of religious activities such as samayik and ensures that they are undertaken with the goal of self-realisation. ‘The Stages of the Inward Journey’ explains how a seeker progresses, shrugging off the dependency of being reactive and turning inwards. ‘Awareness for Enlightenment’ unravels the essence of dharma, that is, practising awareness. This practise may start with a small step of mindfulness, but quickly it takes the seeker into the realms of non-doing leading to ‘The Witnessing Consciousness’, which extols the elevated state of an Enlightened Being who has gone beyond the mind.

Through this book, the pain of doership will become apparent; the importance of witnessing will reverberate and the gift of awareness will be bequeathed.

Come, let us experience the Infinite.

This book is available in English, Gujarati and Hindi.


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