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Taking Charge of Yourself

Taking Charge of Yourself

Year 2016
Language English
Media 1 MP3/1 DVD
Details Cost Qty Select
MP3 Rs.125/-
DVD Rs.200/-
MP3 Download and Sadguru Enlightens App MRP:  Rs.125/-
Disc. Price: Rs.100/-
Video Download or Sadguru Enlightens App MRP:  Rs.200/-
Disc. Price: Rs.160/-

In our hectic and busy lives, have we ever paused and asked ourselves who really controls our life? Do adverse circumstances make us reactive? Do we choose our response to a situation or do we allow ourselves to be controlled by it?

The truth is, we have the power of choice every single time – of choosing peace instead of discord and joy instead of misery.

In this blissful Golden Jubilee Year of Pujya Gurudevshri, He bestows us with keys to manufacturing inner joy through two transformative pravachans in English. They will empower us to embrace responsibility, correct our perception and make a positive shift in our thinking, putting us in the driver’s seat of our lives.

The pravachans available as a DVD or MP3 were launched by notable film and television artist, Ketki Dave.

Let us take charge of life and steer it towards lasting peace and bliss!


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