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Hey Prabhu

Hey Prabhu

Param Sathe Prarthnamay Palo

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ACD Rs.125/-
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Disc. Price: Rs.100/-

Prayer is a two-way communication in which the devotee does not only talk to God but also listens to Him. The world may become advanced and tech savvy, yet prayers remain the most speedy wireless means of connection.

On the pious occasion of Pujya Gurudevshri’s 52nd birthday, facilitating this expression of deep love and intense yearning for the Divine, an Audio CD – ‘Hey Prabhu’ was launched. Expressed in the soulful voice of Atmarpit Maulikji, ‘Hey Prabhu’ comprises of 11 prayerful tracks, in Gujarati language, that have been compiled from a book by Munishri Labdhivallabhvijayji Gani. The music and the melodic improvisations have been given by Sarvarpit Sundeep Shah and Hridayarpit Pratik Pasad. 

‘Hey Prabhu’ is also available on digital download through the Sadguru Enlightens App. 

Let us intensify our love and longing with the beautiful gift of ‘Hey Prabhu’.

  MP3 Download or Sadguru Enlightens App  
No. Track Name Select Duration Cost
1 Track: 1 Tu Chhe Mari Andar
3:11 Rs.15/-
2 Track: 2 Tu Aangli Pakdavva Aave Chhe Maney
3:11 Rs.15/-
3 Track: 3 Mara Hovani Anubhuti
4:52 Rs.15/-
4 Track: 4 Tari Ajnani Paal
4:01 Rs.15/-
5 Track: 5 Tarama Dubva Taiyar Chhu
3:07 Rs.15/-
6 Track: 6 Tarama Dhali Javu Chhe
4:48 Rs.15/-
7 Track: 7 Kyarek Toh Tu Malish
3:23 Rs.15/-
8 Track: 8 Taney Joine Paltau Chhu
3:16 Rs.15/-
9 Track: 9 Vicharoma Tari Sugandh
2:49 Rs.15/-
10 Track: 10 Tari Abhinnatano Anubhav
3:33 Rs.15/-
11 Track: 11 Antarnu Ekatva
4:07 Rs.15/-


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