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Apurva Avsar

Apurva Avsar

Event Date 2007
Media 1 MP3
No. of Pravachans 8
Details Cost Qty Select
MP3 Rs.150/-

Apurva Avsar is a masterpiece poetic composition by Param Krupalu Dev Shrimad Rajchandraji entailing an aspirant's inspiring journey of purification from the finite to the infinite... unto the final destination of total liberation.
This beautiful composition helps a true aspirant to get aligned with his higher purpose and provides inspiration to progress on the path of renunciation and attain moksh.
Under Pujya Gurudevshri's elevating guidance, spiritually enriching shibirs on this inspiring creation were conducted by Swadhyaykars during the year 2007 in Mumbai, Dharampur, various cities of India and across the world.
To commemorate the grand ingress into the 10th anniversary year of the Ashram, on the sacred day of Mahavir Jayanti and on the auspicious occasion of the Ashram Sthapnadin Mahotsav, an MP3 of the sessions on this masterpiece creation, was launched by Sadhvishri Shilapiji.
An MP3 comprising of 8 swadhyays by Atmarpit Apurvaji on this sacred composition along with a booklet for reference, is available on sale.


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